Brighton SBDC introduces new Lean Launch Program for Small Business

  • By Brighton EDC
  • 07 Mar, 2017

The New Year is a time of new beginnings, new resolutions, and new ideas. This is the time of year we see more people looking to start a new business. We are here to help. Over the years we have found when someone has an idea they want to jump to the finish line as quickly as possible. What we find is sometimes our budding entrepreneurs jump too soon. They grow impatient going through the legal steps, and just want to get started.  The goal of the entrepreneur is to get started and start making money; lots of money!

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs start and manage sustainable enterprises. Although the process is cumbersome, we have learned there needs to be a predictable method to starting and growing. For this reason we have created the new Lean Launch Program for Small Business using the methods in The Lean Startup - By Eric Ries.

One of the main premises of Ries is entrepreneurs need to learn how to build a sustainable business. Generally a person starts a business then works long hard hours to make it successful or watch it fail. Ries argues, an organizations first needs to learn as quickly as possible what the marketplace values enough to pay for. Once they have this information they are able to adapt their business and grow. This is known as validated learning.

We agree with Ries. Business owners need to build, measure and learn before opening the doors to business. The faster a person can get through this process the better the chances of starting and running a successful business because you enter the marketplace with an understanding of what the market can bare and who the real customer is. Many start-ups waste too much time trying to market to the wrong customer segment.

Lastly the measurements you establish in the beginning mark where your business development is at all times. Setting goals against these measurements sets the company on the right road to attaining success.

Introducing a program through the Brighton SBDC will assist startups in figuring out where they are in the process, help them confront the cold hard facts and then design experiments to move the numbers closer to where they want their business to be. The learning milestones of this new program will establish the baseline for startups, help them fine tune before launching and help them realize if they need to pivot or continue marching toward their business launch.

 THE LEAN LAUNCH PROGRAM includes a series of training workshops/seminars to enhance the successful launch or expansion of a small business in the least amount of time feasible. Each peer group covers a one month period of trainings and at least 5 hours of one on one consultations to validate their idea is viable and sustainable and to identify the right customers to market the product or service.  The first session in January/February started with 6 participants most who had already started their businesses and had been struggling to grow from one to three years. After the program most stated they had not only learned where they had made their mistakes, they now understood what needs to happen so they can grow their business and start experiencing the success they have been seeking.

One testimonial from a program participant, “I very much enjoyed our class time together and give you a Five Star review”! Another participant stated, “I am so glad you convinced me I needed this program. I learned so much and now know I can become the CEO instead of just being the skilled laborer in my business”.

Dates for the April Session are: April 7th, 14th, 21st and the Bonus BizModel Workshop will be held on April 28th. To register for the program visit: and click on the Brighton tab under workshops/trainings or call or email Teri Sanchez 303-655-2150

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