Business Resources

Business Resources

Business Visitation Program

Our Business Visitation Program gathers concise, accurate, and up-to-date information about the needs of existing businesses. Our business advisers use this information to help businesses ensure sound business practices. We help link businesses with a variety of resources depending on their needs.
Resources may include:
  • Financial
  • Technological
  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Job training
Our visitation program can help your business succeed in these areas:
  • Job retention
  • Improving the business climate
  • Expanding businesses and jobs
  • Identifying challenges local businesses face and creating solutions
  • Connecting businesses with the resources they need to grow and thrive
  • Increasing communication between businesses, local communities and state government
  • Coordinating future economic development through industry specific databases and information documentation

Business Expansion Program

Brighton EDC has an expansion program that supports existing and growing Brighton businesses. We are available to assist a business with all levels of business expansion.

Is your company in need of a larger site?
Are you ready to expand your current facility?
Our team can aid in site location and help you through the development and construction process.

Adding employees?
Brighton EDC can connect you to employment training and hiring programs and agencies. We can also provide referrals to various government programs for growing businesses such as tax credits and possible financial incentives. Businesses are encouraged to call Brighton EDC at 303-655-2155 or email to obtain direct assistance for their particular business.

Enterprise Zone

Much of our city is located in a state Enterprise Zone, or one that has been economically distressed. Businesses locating in an enterprise zone may be eligible for benefits including:
  • Investment Tax Credit (3%) – This is the most widely used tax abatement. It essentially allows businesses in the EZ to receive a credit against their state income tax of 3% of their capital investment in equipment. This is available to all businesses in the EZ.
  • Training Credit (12%) – This allows businesses that make significant investment in human capital to recover 12% of their training program costs as an income tax credit. This is available to all businesses in the EZ.
  • New Job Credit ($1,100 per Job) – If a business creates a “new job” in the EZ then it could be eligible to take advantage of this credit. (Existing jobs transferred from another Colorado location are not eligible).
  • Health Insurance Credit ($1,000 per Job) – If the employer pays more than 50% of the employees’ health care benefits, there is an extra $1,000 that can be claimed for the first two full income tax years while located in the Enterprise Zone, in addition to the new job credit.
  • Vacant Building Rehabilitation Credits – 25% credit for hard costs associated with rehabbing a building that has been vacant for at least 2 years and is at least 20 years old.
  • R & D credits – 3% credit for increased investment in research and development. Must be technological in nature, utilize processes of experimentation and useful in the development of new products or services. In house or contract research qualifies.
  • Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit – 1.5% of commercial vehicle purchase. (CVITC Application)
  • Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption – There is a state-wide sales tax exemption for companies purchasing manufacturing equipment. Benefits for EZ companies are expanded- can include expensed items, materials used to repair equipment and mining equipment.
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