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    Brighton offers unique and attractive demographics for retailers and businesses wishing to expand or relocate, with a trade area consisting of a 10 mile radius.

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    Brighton offers a wide variety of development opportunities for developers and organizations looking to expand or relocate.

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    Our community offers a variety of housing options, diverse job opportunities, and world class amenities.

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    Easy access by wheel, rail, and wing.

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Pitch Competition

Brighton Business Innovation Pitch Competition

2016 Brighton Business Innovation Pitch Competition Winner
drynkware by Dryland Design Co

drynkware by Dryland Design Co. - a small, independent bar ware brand built by true libation aficionados

2016 Brighton Business Innovation Pitch Competition Finalists

Honeykohm, Inc. - a web-based software solution for rehabilitation therapists and their employers allowing for the storage and real-time sharing of professional healthcare credentials

Prairie Girl Wine Bar - in the business of providing wine expertise while building relationships over a memorable glass of wine, they will help wine drinkers graduate from a glass of read to a glass of Oregon Pinot

Prodigys Technology Solutions - a "one-stop-shop" for business professionals and individuals alike to obtain tech that is essential to their everyday success

Something Brewery - a local brewing company that sets its goals on supplying a unique and positive atmosphere to the Brighton community while manufacturing the best product possible
Thank You to Our Partners

Funding for the competition is made possible through a Brighton Lodging Tax Committee grant. 
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