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State policy greatly impacts the economic development work that we do everyday so it's important that we track certain bills and legislation. Our partners at the Economic Development Council of Colorado put together a Public Policy Update that you can check out below or here.  Friendly reminder: This is just an update and not an official City of Brighton or Brighton EDC stance on political issues. 




March was a busy month at the legislature. The House and Senate had large debates on key policy issues. The Senate spent much time debating hot topic issues such as PERA and transportation funding.  They passed SB18-001, the large transportation funding bill that allows for bonding and use of existing state revenues. SB18-200 (PERA) passed the Senate after much debate on who should bear the burden of stabilizing the unfunded liability of the program through a combination of increased contributions from employees and employers, a change from net to gross income, and the addition of a defined contribution plan.
In addition, both chambers held policy debates on gun control, health care, k-12 education, and affordable housing issues.



We saw the release of Legislative Council and the Office of State Planning and Budgeting revenue forecasts, which showed strong increases in projected General Fund revenue.  Legislative Council increased its forecasts for this year by $243 million for this year and $300 million for next year.  With the extra revenues, the Joint Budget Committee finalized the budget and introduced the Long Bill (HB18-1322) on March 26.


Highlights of the state budget include:​

  • $150 million to buy down the Budget Stabilization Factor (Negative Factor), and $30 million in one-time funding to rural schools.

  • $225 million as a direct payment to PERA to address employer contribution increases, though no details have been provided on this PERA payment.  

  • $495 million to the State Highway Users Tax Fund, for state transportation projects.

When the House debated the budget last week, they added 33 amendments to include additional funding for school safety, youth services, and area technical colleges, while defunding monies for film incentives. Please note, the budget still has additional hurdles to clear, and can change.
After much debate and negotiation, SB18-002, Financing Rural Broadband Deployment made it through the legislative process and was signed by the Governor.
April is usually the busiest month, as bills start moving out of appropriations committees – we will see action on export promotion, historical tax credit, and market sourcing for business income legislation. We also will see movement on major public policy legislation that has been introduced or yet to be introduced.
Bills the EDCC is supporting:

  • HB18-1083    On-demand Air Carriers Sales and Use Tax Exemption

  • HB18-1084    County Lodging Tax Revenue Allowable Uses

  • HB18-1135    Extend Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program

  • HB18-1185    Market Sourcing for Business Income Tax Apportionment

  • HB18-1190    Modify Job Creation Main Street Revitalization

  • HB18-1250    Analysis to Improve Compliance with Rules By Businesses

  • HB18-1266    Career Development Success Program Expansion

  • HB18-1271    Public Utilities Commissioner Electric Utilities Economic Development Rates

  • SB18-002      Financing Rural Broadband Deployment

  • SB18-005      Rural Economic Advancement Of Colorado Towns

  • SB18-007      Affordable Housing Tax Credit

Bills the EDCC is monitoring:

  • HB18-1001    FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program

  • HB18-1034    Career and Technical Education Capital Grant Program

  • HB18-1195    Tax Credit Contributions Organizations Affordable Housing

  • HB18-1270    PUC Evaluation of Energy Storage Systems 

  • HB18-1298    Colorado Secure Savings Plan

  • SB18-006      Recording Fee to Fund Attainable Housing

  • SB18-196      Repeal Late Vehicle Registration Fee



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