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Brighton is home to a number of diverse industries. We have a rich history rooted in agriculture and strong ties to all different facets of the energy industry (oil, gas, renewable). 

Energy Corridor

Brighton's Energy Corridor adds an appealing aspect of economic development. The eight-mile stretch of land between Fort Lupton and Brighton's existing residential areas is teeming with possibilities. The cooperation between the two cities was inspired when the international wind-energy company Vestas Wind Systems located to Brighton. Both the space and Brighton's existing infrastructure should be of interest to businesses.

Decorative Lighting

Aerotropolis is an urban plan centered on layout, infrastructure, and economy around Denver International Airport. The vision is that, over the next 24 years, DIA Aerotropolis would generate new economic revenue, create 74,000 new jobs, attract 210,000 new residents, inspire the building of 75,000 new homes and possibly generate $630 million in additional tax revenue.


In an innovative move, Adams County and the City of Brighton have embraced the concept of "Agriburbia" in drafting the District Plan, blending a rural land use ethic into an urban setting.


What makes Brighton Unique?


Curious about the thriving Brighton community? Take a look at who we are!

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