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Brighton Business Rental and Mortgage Assistance Grant

With funding from Adams County through the federal CARES Act, the City of Brighton in conjunction with the Brighton Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), has created a grant program to assist businesses with 50 or less employees in paying the rent or mortgage for their business. The Grant will pay rent or business mortgage for a two month period not to exceed a total of $10,000 dollars. These grant funds are stackable with other resources obtained by the business applicant.


Applicants will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Businesses must have 50 or fewer employees to be eligible.  Microbusinesses (9 employees or less) will be prioritized for assistance funds. Home-based businesses are not eligible. Non-profits ARE now eligible to apply!  Applications must include:

  • A complete online application

  • A copy of the business’ current lease signed by all parties clearly indicating lease terms or mortgage statement

  • Business Form W-9 must be submitted

  • A copy of state-issued identification verifying legal residency in the United States must be submitted (Ex. driver’s license, passport, or tribal document)

  • A narrative clearly demonstrating the need for grant assistance must be provided

  • Verification that business is current on city sales tax returns

  • Verification of current Brighton business license

  • Verification that business is registered with the Colorado Secretary of State 

The deadline to apply is June 11th by 11:59 P.M. MDT.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • One grant per business

  • Grant can cover 2 months of unpaid rent or mortgage payments up to $10,000
  • Businesses must submit their current lease or mortgage statement 
  • Deployed to businesses within the Brighton City Limits with 50 or fewer employees   

  • Franchise owners are eligible to apply

  • Home-based businesses are not eligible

  • Business must describe how COVID-19 has affected their ability to pay the business rent or mortgage

  • Businesses​ must be current on city sales tax returns or be on an active payment plan (verified by City Staff)

  • Businesses must have a current Brighton Business license issued by the Finance Department and be in good standing (verified by City Staff)

  • Businesses must be registered and in good standing with Colorado Secretary of State (verified by City Staff)

  • Businesses must submit a W-9 form and State Issued ID (ex. unrestricted driver's license, US passport, or tribal document)

  • Grant funds are stackable with other resources obtained by the business applicant

What to Expect During the Application Process:

Businesses are able to apply online only. Paper applications will not be accepted.

The deadline for initial applications is June 11th at 11:59 PM (MDT).

Once your application has been received please allow 7-10 business days for approval​, provided that all necessary paperwork has been submitted.

After your application has been processed you will be emailed (at the email you provided in your application) with the decision on your application.

Checks will be mailed out within 7-10 business days after the acceptance email. 

Store Front
Shopping Bags
Coffee Shop
Pet Store Payment
Man in Mobile Store
In the Record Store
Watch Store

For more information about the Brighton Business Rental and Mortgage Assistance Grant, the application process, documents needed, or eligibility requirements please contact the Brighton Economic Development Corporation at or 303-655-2155

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