• Business Opportunites

    Brighton offers unique and attractive demographics for retailers and businesses wishing to expand or relocate, with a trade area consisting of a 10 mile radius.

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  • Development Opportunities

    Brighton offers a wide variety of development opportunities for developers and organizations looking to expand or relocate.

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  • Live, Work, and Play in Brighton

    Our community offers a variety of housing options, diverse job opportunities, and world class amenities.

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  • Transportation and Infastructure

    Easy access by wheel, rail, and wing.

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Brighton has a lot to offer expanding and relocating businesses. Not only does Brighton have attractive demographics and traffic counts, but residents from neighboring cities and towns also rely on and purchase goods and services from the businesses within the city limits.

Median Household Income

2016 Estimated Population

Total Employees

3 Mile Radius - $62,142
5 Mile Radius - $74,931
5 Minute Drive Time - $55,925
10 Minute Drive Time - $72,403
3 Mile Radius - 38,014
5 Mile Radius - 51,978
5 Minute Drive Time - 14,412
10 Minute Drive Time - 33,858
3 Mile Radius - 15,215
5 Mile Radius - 19,073
5 Minute Drive Time - 1,112
10 Minute Drive Time - 12,874

Business Visitation Program


Enterprise Zone

About Us

It is the Brighton EDC's vision to retain sustainable economic vitality in a competitive regional market, but also to achieve new economic growth to meet the future needs of both residents and businesses. 
Michael Martinez
Executive Director/
President & CEO
Patrick Giron
Erika Reese
Marketing & Economic Development Specialist
Amy Coffey
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