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Ice House: Entrepreneur Development Program

Our partners at the Colorado Lending Source are hosting an Entrepreneur Development Program. You can see the details below or by checking out their website.

Feel stuck in your current business strategies? Ready to be your own boss but not sure where to start? Don’t let self-doubt and fear get your down. It’s time to set aside the excuses and pursue your business dreams. Join us to figure out what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

What to Expect

Learn how to overcome fears, build community, create a personal brand, become a life-long learner, develop grit, tap into internal motivation, define personal and professional goals, manage limited resources, and truly understand the problems you are solving for others.


  • Attend a weekly two hour classroom session for ten weeks

  • Complete one to two hours of online training per week

  • Master the eight critical entrepreneurial mindset characteristics as outlined in the book “Who Owns the Ice House” by Clifton Taulbert

  • Have access to close personal interaction with experienced entrepreneurs

  • Meet one-on-one with facilitators to reach your full potential

  • Create a vision statement to guide your entrepreneurial journey

  • Learn to use the Opportunity Discovery Canvas to evaluate your business idea or find a new direction for your current business

  • Interact and receive support from peers who are on a similar path

  • Develop or re-engage your entrepreneurial spirit

  • Access to the Ice House alumni network

Who Should Apply

  • Business owners who feel stagnant or stuck with their strategies and would like to re-invigorate their creativity and motivation

  • Aspiring business owners who may be fearful or unsure of how to launch a business

  • Entrepreneurs who would like to refine their business idea with inexpensive yet creative market research

  • Employees looking to create value for themselves and increase motivation and self-confidence in the workplace

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